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ICAP is the largest Greek company providing business and financial information, market research and business consulting. As the leader in its field it has developed practices concerning the company's Privacy Policy, having the farther aim of informing each interested party regarding subjects that might be considered necessary. It is thus seen as an obligation of the company to provide all the information required by the user for his better servicing.

Data protection practices for the Internet
ICAP has decided to provide certain of its services quickly and efficiently through the Internet. It is appreciated by the company that there must exist a certain balance between freely supplying information over the Internet and the protection of the individual. This is something that expresses the basic principles and sensibilities of the company towards these types of issues, as also the full understanding and respect by the company of the various principles of data protection that have been legally adopted at the international level.

Procedures for data collection during a visit to ICAP's sites
Every user visiting the sites of the company is not obliged to register or reveal any data of his that might be regarded as personal recognition data, such as for example, his name, address and telephone number. The company does not demand this type of data from the visitor. It must also be pointed out that the company does not use any kind of technology for collection of such data. The company does have the capability, which it exercises at will, to collect data, which however concern not the individual 'per se' but are only certain data of more general information, such as the name of the browser employed or the measuring of persons visiting the site as a number, for purposes of recording the 'hits' (visits) to various sites of the company, which might be used for its own work or for the further promotion of certain advertising or other activities of the company.

Data collection procedures through the ICAP's sites - Communication forms
There is a way of collecting personal data through the corporate and other sites of ICAP. One of these exists in the communications forms provided for the user, which he himself selects for completion in an attempt to communicate on-line with the company. It must be pointed out that there are also other means of communicating, in which the user is not obliged to register his data in any form whatsoever. The form for completing these data can include a field for recording personal data, such as name, address and telephone number, as also other data like job position and the company for which the interested party works. It must be pointed out that some of this information is obligatory (e.g., name) and certain other is not (e.g., address), in an attempt to further respect the personal data of individuals. ICAP uses these data for its own use only and towards the better servicing of the interested party and its communication with him. The company does not supply these data to third parties. ICAP may on occasion use these data internally to draw conclusions concerning the recognition of groups of interested parties and the characteristics of each group, always for internal use only.

Procedures for collecting data - Career Opportunities
In the framework of developing its products and services, ICAP has created a system of sending Curricula Vitae (CVs) for all those interested in finding work. This procedure can also be done by means of sending in a form provided on-line. In this form must also be recorded the personal data of the interested party. These data are confidentially processed by the company and they are sent to companies that might be interested, with the approval of the interested party. ICAP might also at will, send the CV of an interested party confidentially to other companies whose offered positions match the work and academic profile of the applicant.

Use of Cookies by the company
The use of cookies by the company has the farther aim of the facilitation of every user and his better familiarization with systems for using the Internet and of the individual sites of the company. The cookies are files with information that a web site transfers to the hard disc of the computer of the user. In this manner the company has the possibility of recognizing the user each time he enters subscriber sites and of concurrently offering him greater security. It must be pointed out that most Internet Browsers are adjusted to receive cookies. The users have the possibility of adjusting their browsers so that they do not accept cookies. If the user selects to do that then he will have to know that he will not be able to access the company's subscriber sites nor the services they offer.

Quality of the data - Security
First and foremost, the company tries to secure the quality of the data it provides. This is to the advantage of both the company and the subject of the information. For the better accomplishment of this purpose the company conducts inspections and continually comes in touch with all those who might contribute towards securing this quality of data. The company also takes care to maintain confidentiality over the data it provides and to provide the greatest possible protection of these data from non-approved entities possibly seeking access to them

Upgrading of data protection practices
The practices mentioned above represent the present policies of the company as regards data protection practices followed by it. ICAP considers it its debt to inform the user that it does not acquiesce but instead monitors developments taking place in the continuously developing field of the Internet in order to act accordingly. Thus, at regular time intervals, it will review and upgrade these practices so that it is always ahead of or at least in keeping with the times.


ICAP Group is a contemporary company which uses the Internet in order to offer quick and efficient Customer Service

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