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Leading Women in Business
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The 4th business Leading Edition of ICAP, Leading Women in Business, has been issued in December 2013 for a second year, including the 500 largest companies in Greece based on turnover, that are managed by Women Entrepreneurs and Executives. The edition  also includes the most successful Women Entrepreneurs’ Success Stories of the Greek Market.

Aiming into providing high value information for Women's Entrepreneurship, this luxurious and modern Leading Edition, presents to the general public and to businesses, the Leading Women (CEO or General Manager or Manager) of the top businesses in Greece, according their last published balance sheets (2012).

Moreover, in this innovative Business Edition, you may find :

  • Individual presentations of top Women Entrepreneurs and Executives of the Greek Market.
  • Tables of the 500 companies with the highest turnover which are directed by Women Managers (including also, other useful information such as EBITDA, Earnings before taxes etc.)
  • Extensive information about  sectorial organizations and public institutions in regards to  Women's Entrepreneurship.
  • An ICAP study and research, on Women Entrepreneurship based both on  financial data of companies and groups and on primary research data.

The publication  has been distributed as a free insert in TA NEA (weekend edition). Additionally, it will be shared in the official ICAP event "High Heels on High Hills" which bring together top women executives of the Greek business as well as in various events of our Group through the year.

Click here to see online the Leading Women in Business (2014) - Available only in Greek


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