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Few words for the Edition
ICAP publishes for the 4th consecutive year, the luxurious Business Edition "Gold Anniversaries", an epitome for the 3,733* companies that in 2019 celebrate an important anniversary since their establishment.

*Approximately based on published balance sheets (2017-18)

The Edition includes:
• Comprehensive Lists of 3.732 Companies (SA, EIA and Foreign Companies Branches) with anniversary from 10 to 140 years
• Rich Corporate Tributes of Companies with Significant Anniversaries
• Articles of leading Entrepreneurship Bodies

The Edition is distributed for free in September via a reputable newspaper in Attica and in Thessaloniki. Moreover, it is distributed in the most important Entrepreneurship Entities, Embassies, Regulatory bodies and to Banking Institutions as a useful tool for their business operations, and to public audiences via the Group’s subsidiaries in Greece and in the attendees of the Conferences and Events that ICAP, group of companies holds or joins as Sponsor. It will be also available in digital format (e-book) at the official website of ICAP as well as in the Social Media channels of ICAP.

You can receive copies of the publication by the end of September from the offices of ICAP

Opportunities of Business Promotion
The edition "Golde Anniversaries" offers you the opportunity to display your company, products and services to a wide audience of senior executives, through Corporate Tributes and Advertisements.

-Available only in Greek

The Outstanding Companies over time
Publication 2017


For more information please contact with Customer Care
Phone: 210 7200 050
Email: customercare@icap.gr

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