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An Assessment and/or Development Center (AC/DC) is an advanced assessment procedure for selection, promotion and/or development purposes. It uses a combination of assessment methods and tools producing an increased amount of evaluating data, for specific competencies/ criteria; thus its ability to predict future performance is increased.

Processes used to assess skills and competency level of participants for specific set of criteria or specific roles.
The assessment tools which are used during Assessment/ Development Centers, include psychometric tools (such as personality and motivational questionnaires, ability tests), competency based interviews and case studies. The latter are usually exercises based on specific data, requiring analysis, synthesis and presentation of the results. Alternatively, and according to the needs of the role, other exercises can be used such as a group exercise, or a role play (e.g. discussion between supervisor and subordinate or between client and employee).

ICAP’s competitive advantage is the development of customized case studies and other exercises, directly related to the role which is assessed. In this way the participants are evaluated based on simulation of their future role.

When an Assessment/ Development Centre is completed, the results are analyzed by experienced consultants and individual reports are written. For internal candidates or for a Development Centre, a feedback session often follows and a development plan is created.

Assessment/ Development Centers can take place at individual or group context and they last between 4 and 8 hours.

ICAP helps you to become an Employer of Choice!
Kostas Zoulias
Director of Human Capital Consulting
Τel: +30 210 7200 168
Email: hcc@icap.gr
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