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Customized Performance Management Systems, for a wide range of organizations. We give emphasis on simplicity and link the system with business strategy and objectives, aiming to support employee development and the relationship between employee and line manager. We provide practical training for supervisors and support the management during the implementation phase.

Effective Performance Management helps a company to align the efforts of its personnel with its strategic objectives, to evaluate its people, to plan for their development, and to facilitate career and succession planning. It also provides the basis for an effective and fair reward system. Finally it promotes meritocracy and performance enhancing culture and boosts the company’s image in the market.

Who needs a thorough Performance Management System:

• Companies without performance management systems
• Companies with stand-alone appraisal systems which do not add value to the organization and its employees.
• Companies that need to improve working climate and employee motivation
• Companies that want to develop the capabilities of their employees and want to put the right people in the right positions.

What is included:

• Link of strategic objectives to individual or position specific targets.
• Employee appraisal system that will include:
o Objectives and Key Performance Indicators
o Core competencies
o Appraisal – employee development process
o Rating scale
o Development needs and plans
o Career path
• All relevant forms and manuals
• Implementation plan
• Link with reward
• Communication package
• Training to managers and employees

Principles of the system:

• Fairness
• Transparency
• Responsibility
• Development

• Formation of project team – appointment of senior management sponsor
• Understanding of corporate key values and strategic objectives
• Determination of corporate core competencies and criteria of employee evaluation.
• Link with reward.
• Development of the appraisal and development process
• Development of all the necessary forms and manuals
• Development of communication and training package
• Implementation support
• Training sessions to stakeholders. (optional)

Special Tools:
• SMART objective setting system.
• Balance Business Scorecard
• Competency library
• 360 feedback method

ICAP has developed and implemented performance management systems for its clients in Greece and Romania.

ICAP helps you to become an Employer of Choice!
Kostas Zoulias
Director of Human Capital Consulting
Τel: +30 210 7200 168
Email: hcc@icap.gr
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