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Corporate Culture, Mission, Vision, Values
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Identification, description and communication of corporate culture of an organization, as they are expressed through its management style and the behaviors of its employees.
Analysis of values, mission, vision and behaviors and link with the HR systems. Training and dissemination to the body of employees.

Every organization that aims to be a leader has its own identity that sets it apart from any other.
A strong element of organizational identity is corporate culture. Corporate culture derives from the core values. These values are the non-negotiable principles and beliefs that guide the organization, determine the behaviors of the people and give them pride and sense of belonging.
Another element of organizational identity is the corporate mission which expresses “the reason to be” of the organization. It defines what the organization does best and guides the development of its core competences.
Finally, the ultimate target that connects the organization with its future is the company vision. It provides the frame for the development of the long term business goals and sets the challenge which has to be met.

How does ICAP help develop values, mission and vision?
ICAP provides the process for the organization to clarify and express its values and the consequent required behaviors, relate them to the working life and disseminate them to the employees.
Additionally ICAP facilitates the articulation of the mission and the development of the vision, relates them with the values, helps build the communication campaign and provides training to the employees in the concepts and their practical value.

Who needs the development of corporate values – mission and vision?
• Every organization that aims to lead its field.
• Every new organization or one resulting from a merger or acquisition in the process of building its identity.
• Every organization that has a heritage but has not developed from it, a dynamic identity for internal and external use.
• Every organization that needs a foundation for the development of a long term strategy.

What is included?
• Development and expression of values and related behaviors and linking with working life
• Development, expression and implementation of corporate mission
• Development, expression and implementation of corporate vision
• Development and implementation of communication and training plans

Steps of the process
1. Values
   • Assignment of process sponsors.
   • Outlining of existing culture, heritage, behaviors, habits, management attitudes
   • Workshop to draft pool of values and relevant behaviors
   • Meeting - Value selection and definition with top management
   • Creation of communication and training programs
   • Communication and training implementation

2. Mission and Vision
   • Outlining of existing perceptions and concepts. From people, brand communication, corporate communication etc.
   • Workshop with top management. Creation of short list
   • Final definition of mission and vision
   • Connection with values, development of  communication and training programs

• Focus groups
• Interviews, brainstorming sessions
• Questionnaires
• Opinion survey


ICAP helps you to be an Employer of Choice!

Kostas Zoulias
Director of Human Capital Consulting
Tel: 210 7200 168
Email: hcc@icap.gr

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