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Outplacement or Career Transition services
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Support provided to laid-off managers and employees of an organization in their effort to find a new employer. These services focus on two main areas: strengthening the potential of the employee as a candidate in the labor market, through professional assessment and consequent training and active search for the next employer. The outplacement services offer significant value to both parties; to the employee as he is supported in a very difficult period of his professional career and to the business as it strengthens its image as a responsible employer internally and externally.

Restructuring, workforce optimization, mergers and other circumstances cause personnel lay-offs that can create issues with employee relations, harm climate, decrease motivation and ultimately affect organizational image. The effect is stronger when the affected people have been with the business for a long time.
The outplacement service prepares these employees for continuing their careers outside the organization. It gives them psychological support, helps them to re-evaluate their skills and personal attributes, offers them better understanding of the market and supports them in evaluating their options and negotiating with prospect employers. Additionally, it helps the organization to address the adverse effects of personnel reductions or executive separations.

How does ICAP offer an outplacement service?
ICAP will make the employee ready for his next career move. It will develop her/his employability and support her/him until s/he finds the new job. It will help her/him map the employment market, place her/himself in it, identify her/his targets and present her/his skills and attributes in the best possible way. Finally it will support her/him during the first steps with the new employer.

Who needs the outplacement service?
• Organizations under restructuring which includes management redundancies
• Organizations making executives and/or long serving managers redundant

What is included in the service?
• Interviews with Line Manager, HR Manager
• Training session with individual, including:
o Building self confidence,
o Identification of skills and attributes,
o Identification of achievement,
o Developing of resume,
o Career planning,
o Market mapping,
o Developing marketing campaign,
o Training on interview strategies.
• Hogan Executive Personality Assessment
• Coaching in contacting prospect employers, giving and evaluating interviews and following up on the contacts.
• Search planning, contacts providing, interview opportunities
• Assistance in evaluating offers and negotiating terms of employment
• Coaching sessions during first steps with the new employer.
• The support lasts for 6 months and the average meeting frequency will be one week.

Special tools
• Hogan psychometrics
• Access to findbiz
• Access to lists of companies by sector


ICAP helps you to be an Employer of Choice!

Kostas Zoulias
Director of Human Capital Consulting
Tel: 210 7200 168
Email: hcc@icap.gr

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