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Cut-e creates smart measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment products. Cut-e is globally the preferred partner for organisations who demand the best. cut e: smart. valid. preferred.
cut-e's innovative online assessment instruments help HR professionals and line managers to make reliable and defendable talent decisions. cut-e’s tools are built on the solid foundations of research and psychometrics and are short, meaningful and user-friendly.
cut e helps companies identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results. No matter whether screening, selection, management development, team building or organisational development - cut e provides intelligent instruments for HR professionals and line managers.

Aptitude Tests
For years research has shown that aptitude tests are powerful predictors of long term professional success. They provide a great deal of added value for HR decision making with comparably small investment.  All tests can be used to identify potential but are also particularly suitable for efficient preselection as part of on-line recruitment. Cut-e provides aptitude tests for a range of target groups.

In any job or role, success depends on key competencies. Interpersonal skills and communication capabilities, the way someone works, approaches problems and overcomes challenges are often more important for long term success in the role than specialist knowledge and experience.
With well-designed self-description questionnaires cut-e measures those personality dimensions critical to job success and provides reliable information for selection and development decisions. 

Cut-e Tools


Human Capital Consulting
Galini Iliopoulou
Τel: +30 210 7200 140
Email: giliopoulou@icap.gr

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