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Dr. Robert Hogan, President and Co-founder
Hogan Assessment Systems

Dr. Hogan is an international authority on personality assessment, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. His theory-based work in personality measurement has contributed to the development of socioanalytic theory, which maintains that the core of personality is based on evolutionary adaptations. He is widely credited with demonstrating how personality factors influence organizational effectiveness in a variety of areas, ranging from organizational climate and leadership to selection and effective team performance.

As an iconoclastic observer of American psychology, Dr. Hogan maintains that personality is best examined from the perspective of the observer (reputation) rather than the actor (a person’s identity). As a consequence, he asserts that personality tools
should be evaluated in terms of how well reputations (defined by personality tests) predict behavior on the job and in relationships.
Dr. Hogan is the author of more than 300 journal articles, chapters and books including
Personality and the Fate of Organizations (2006). His recent author, co-author, and editing credits also include:
The Hogan Guide(2007), Personality: Theories and Applications (2008), The Handbook of Personality Psychology (1997), The Perils of Accentuating the Positive(2009), the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey, the Motives Values and Preferences Inventory, and the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory.

Dr. Hogan received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in personality assessment. He served as McFarlin Professor and chair of the Department of Psychology at The University of Tulsa for 17 years. Prior to that, Dr. Hogan was professor of Psychology and Social Relations at The Johns Hopkins University. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Scott Gregory, Ph. D.
Partner, VP of Consulting Hogan Assessment Systems

Scott is a partner and vice president of consulting for Hogan. He provides expertise on executive selection, development, and succession to Hogan’s global, corporate clients and supports the work of Hogan’s global business alliances with distribution partners.
Scott was one of the first employees of Hogan Assessment Systems and completed his Ph.D. training under Bob and Joyce Hogan, the firm’s founders. His work on the firm’s foundational assessments led to extensive experience in several global consulting firms and a 12-year stint as vice president of talent management and OD for Pentair, a global manufacturing business headquartered in Ireland, where he was responsible for global management and executive recruiting, selection, development, and succession planning. He returned to Hogan in 2013 to continue to help clients leverage the science of personality.

Scott’s work includes publications in the Journal of Business and Psychology and a book chapter co-authored with Bob Hogan in The Handbook of Personality Psychology. He is a frequent speaker on personality in the workplace, has provided executive coaching to CEOs and a U.S. senator, selection research for the U.S. Army and other government agencies, organizational consulting for half of the Fortune 100 list, and worked extensively with personality assessment in North and South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

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