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Executive Dinner 2017
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'' Can people change their personalities and lighten up their dark sides?"
The answer is, in principle yes, but subject to three considerations.

First, the part of their personality that needs to be changed is not how they think about themselves; it is not dark memories buried in their psyches. The part of personality that needs to be changed is their reputation and it takes a lot of work for people to change their reputations.

Second, people can only change their reputation if they have accurate feedback regarding how others perceive them.

Third, people must be coachable – they must be willing to listen to feedback and then willing to act on it. Without this willingness, there may be no light at the end of the dark side tunnel.”

                                                                                                      Dr. Robert Hogan, "Reflections on the Dark Side"

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18:30 - 19:00      Cocktail
19:00 - 19:10      Welcome remarks
19:10 - 20:10      Keynote speech by Dr. Robert Hogan
20:10 - 20:45      Q & A session
20:45 - 22:30      Dinner


Dr. Robert Hogan, President and Co-founder
Hogan Assessment Systems

Dr. Hogan is an international authority on personality assessment, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. His theory-based work in personality measurement has contributed to the development of socioanalytic theory, which maintains that the core of personality is based on evolutionary adaptations. He is widely credited with demonstrating how personality factors influence organizational effectiveness in a variety of areas, ranging from organizational climate and leadership to selection and effective team performance.

As an iconoclastic observer of American psychology, Dr. Hogan maintains that personality is best examined from the perspective of the observer (reputation) rather than the actor (a person’s identity). As a consequence, he asserts that personality tools should be evaluated in terms of how well reputations (defined by personality tests) predict behavior on the job and in relationships.

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