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The computer market is on the rise
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Information technology and in particular the computer hardware sector is a sector with great potential. In the field of computer hardware, a large number of companies are involved with computer imports and assembly. Most of them also operate in the broader Information and Communications Technologies field which includes telecommunications, software, computer services, office equipment, etc.

The total domestic market for personal computers and servers was on the rise throughout 1995-2007, with an average rate of growth at 18.1% per year. For 2008, the total market is expected to portray a growth trend in the order of 25%. The total market is mainly comprised of desktops and laptops. Desktop computers accounted for approximately 52% of the total market in 2007. Likewise, laptops accounted for 45.7%, whereas servers covered 2.7% of the total personal computers market in 2007.

The Greek computer market has relatively low numbers in comparison with other European countries. The level of concentration is high, with five companies controlling approximately 77% of the laptop market and eight companies accounting for 59% of the desktop market. This renders competition even more intense since companies are trying to maintain, or to increase, their market shares in every possible way (i.e. by frequently renewing their range of products and services, by strengthening their brand name and reputation, focusing on better customer service, expanding their store network, etc).

The computer sector is directly linked with the evolution of technology and its growth rate is determined, to a great extent, by the progress made internationally. According to industry insiders, the sale of new computers with more features, multiple applications and smaller dimensions in combination with a respective cost cutting, are creating expectations for increased demand in the near future.
According to the current conditions and trends, it is estimated that the total domestic market for computers (laptops, desktops and servers) shall grow by more or less 25% in 2008 in relation to 2007, with laptops slightly surpassing desktops in terms of items.

The study includes a financial analysis of computer import and assembly companies based on selected ratios. In addition, it comprises a consolidated balance sheet of 33 sector companies for which there were available financial statement data for fiscal years 2005 and 2006. According to these data, the total assets of concerned companies grew by 2.3% in 2006 in relation to 2005 and total equity portrayed an increase of 53.8% during the same period.

Total sales of sampled companies showed a slight increase in 2006 in relation to 2005, while both operating and net profit margin improved. Likewise, the net result of companies in the sample was greatly boosted during the assessed period. The return on equity index also grew in 2006 (49.93%), in relation to 2005 (15%). The debt ratio dropped in 2006 in relation to the previous year, whereas inventory turnover showed improvement.

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