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ACEO / ICAP-CEO General Index
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EASE/ICAP - CEO Economic Sentiment Index decreased
during the first quarter of 2017

Worsening of Economic sentiment index was observed in the first quarter of 2017, reflecting the negative perception among CEOs about current economic conditions, due to the delay of signing the agreement with lenders.

• Nine out of ten CEOs believe that the evaluation by the lenders side will be delayed but eventually Greek Government will reach an agreement with lenders. While four out of ten CEOs say that the new calculation and payment method of insurance contributions would fail to solve the deficits problem of social security funds.

The overall economic sentiment indicator (EASE / ICAP-CEO General Index) fell to 124 points in Q1 2017, as investigated by the quarterly survey conducted on a sample of 2,722 CEOs / General Managers of the largest Greek companies by the Association of Chief Executive Officers (EASE) in cooperation with ICAP Group. The survey was carried out between 2nd and 19th of March 2017.

The overall economic sentiment indicator (EASE / ICAP-CEO General Index) declined to 124 points in the first quarter of 2017, compared with the 130 points in the previous quarter. The decrease of general index reflects the negative CEOs’ perception about the economic conditions of the country, due to the delay in reaching agreement between Greek Government and lenders that leads to uncertainty about the implementation of agreed reforms, extending the period of stagnation and reducing the possibility of return to growth. The survey results by company size show a decline of the index in all size classes. The current economic conditions index (EASE-CEO Current status Index) decreased to 116 points compared with 124 points in the previous quarter. The expectations index (EASE-CEO Expectation Index) showed a decrease in 132 points versus 136 points in the previous quarter.

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