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ICAP Training Solutions as an Exclusive Partner of Huthwaite International in Southeastern Europe, offer a series of trainings aiming to increase the effectiveness of sales teams of our customers. Huthwaite International is a global leader for more than 30 years in the field of vocational education with specialization in Sales.

The most important Training Programs offered by ICAP, indicatively include:

• SPIN® SPIN Selling Skills
• SPIN® Coaching
• Negotiation Skills
• Account Strategy for Major Sales
• Persuasive Sales Presentations
• Sales Force Management
• Spin in Pharma
• Retail Sales
• Telesales
• Inbound Customer Service
• Meeting Skills
• Team working Skills
• Receivables Management Seminars

Diplomas - Professional Certifications
Certification in Human Resources (SHRM Training)
Credit Management Diploma

Our commitment
ICAP Training Solutions is committed to offering Training Solutions, the aftermath of which is measurable at all stages of the process: before, during and after the completion of the seminars. The accumulated knowledge and experience of in-depth analysis coming from thousands of case studies, have the power to literally transform your vendors on guarantors of positive results for your company.



ICAP Training Solutions
Pnone: +30 210 7200 156
Email: icaptraining@icap.gr


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