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LYSIS Debt Management (D.M.L.C.O.M.S.A.) received the License by the Bank of Greece for the servicing management for loan and credit receivables according to Law 4354/2015. The company is a 100% member of the ICAP group and covers the full spectrum of non-performing loans services, incl. portfolio strategy design and management, collections, restructurings and settlements, up to legal actions if required.

LYSIS is one of 23 servicing companies in the local market and in absolute compliance with the Code of Conduct (of Bank of Greece), as well as all other relevant regulatory provisions governing its operating framework, the company’s culture is focused to the uniqueness of each and every one debtor under management, so as to understand the needs and financial issues faced and get into position to offer the best viable solution and get-out-of-debt payment plan.

LYSIS aims to one-to-one management in the most amicable way, but legal actions are offered as well, if and when needed, in order to provide ultimate satisfaction both to creditors and debtors, through tailor made win-win “LYSIS” (meaning solutions in Greek).


Tel: + 30 210 7200 000
Εmail: info@lysisreceivables.gr

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