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ICAP undertakes the development of Marketing Strategies as well as the implementation of the resulting action plans for every B2B and B2C Commercial, Services or Industrial Company. Building upon its accumulated experience, ICAP directs its clientele safely into successfully promoting their products and services and ensuring that consumers will not only desire them but will also be eager to buy them.

Our Services

  • Strategic Marketing Plans

The development of a Strategic Marketing plan, does not only involve the methods of promoting and advertising a company's products /services. A Strategic Marketing Plan delivers a deep analysis of the Market, the Competition and the Customer, as well as the Product/Service Mix in order to effectively and creatively deliver: 

  • The Product Portfolio Mix
  • The Pricing Policy
  • The Distribution Channel Strategy
  • The complete Communication Plan and the strategies on which media to choose and us

Strategic Marketing Plans are directed mainly to large and medium-sized companies seeking to align the above strategies and policies with their Market's driving forces and with Consumers' need

  • Marketing Operations Consulting Services

ICAP, with its Marketing Operations Consulting services, addresses mainly those dynamic companies which have not yet established an internal Marketing department. In doing so, ICAP provides it's customers with its own qualified professionals and in-house research tools as a mean into achieving their Strategic objectives.
As a direct result, our own Marketing Consultants become part of your company, collaborate closely and frequently with you, for as long as they may be needed, deploying ICAP's expertise and resources to your company's strategic pursuits.

  • Brand Valuation

A company's brand name is an important part of its commercial value, playing a catalytic role in the occasion of mergers or acquisitions. In ICAP we examine the Market together with you, assessing the value of your company's name as well as its financial performance, through structured processes. As a direct result, we offer companies the opportunity of understanding the complete value of their brand name, as well as their performance dynamics.

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Customer Care
Tel: +30 210 7200 050
Email: customercare@icap.gr


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