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The market's constantly changing conditions, the intensely competitive environment in which companies operate and the opportunities arising create the need for continuous and reliable information. Knowing about a sector's dynamics is the first step to any business decision. ICAP carries out Market Studies adapted to the needs and requirements of each client.

In addition, every year, ICAP releases 65 Sector Studies which analyze the structure, developments and prospects of most sectors of the Greek economy. Their content has been updated and some of the new topics which are closely examined include the analysis of a sector's competitive environment based on Porter's five forces, the analysis of the strong and weak points as well as the threats and opportunities in each sector (SWOT analysis). Specifically, Sector Studies:

  • Present the institutional framework within which companies operate
  • Examine the factors which affect demand
  • Portray a sector's structure and the current competitive conditions
  • Depict the most important companies in the sector, their financial statements as well as an estimate of the market shares.
  • Analyze the financial data of sector companies and the sector itself
  • Assess total consumption, imports and exports
  • Describe the competitive environment, point out problems and consider the development prospects of each sector.

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