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IT Division
Acknowledging the potential of IT and office automation support and the capability of processing and using data, the company has invested in developing and employing these capabilities. With a team of experienced, specialized, full-time programmers and analysts forming an independent IT division, Cycle Credit SA is able to cover all of its IT needs and especially those that may emerge from the customer’s requirements.

Local Network / Internet
The company’s office automation system is based on a Local Area Network (LAN/TCP/IP) and uses a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server.
It consists of multiple Cisco Catalysts Switches and uses special routers, firewalls and safety devices in order to ensure a secure connection to Internet.

Telephony / VoIP
The company’s phone system is a state-of-the-art Cisco Call Manager Voice Over IP (VoIP). This technology facilitates the full integration of data and voice networks and the management of information with respect to (incoming / outgoing / internal) calls thanks to a central management system entirely developed by our company's IT department. What’s more, Cycle SA is the first company in Greece to be equipped with a Cisco Systems automated telephone call routing system (IP Contact Center) for inbound and outbound calls, installed in 2006.

Data Management Application
Our data is managed with an application that has been developed internally by the company’s IT department using the latest tools (SQL Server 2008, PowerBuilder 11.0 & Visual Studio.net)
The application has multiple access levels, distinguished into Agents, Supervisors, Managers and Administrators. Depending on the operator’s access level, the application displays the respective services-operations.
The creation of a special application module has enabled data input from multiple entry sources, for instance, Plain Text Files (ASCII), Excel, Access, SQL, XML and others, through which it is possible to import / export any form of data to and/or from the system.
The application's screens are configured in such a way that multiple and different elements can be viewed at the same time. Moreover, we are constantly developing this application in order to be able to suit all possible changes and special requirements.

Office Software
All of the company's computers are HP/Dell and use OS Windows XP SP3 and above.
 The majority of computers run on Microsoft Office 2007 Business.

Backup copies – Backup systems - Generator
Each day, we make backup copies of all the critical data that we store in a special area located outside the company, as specified by our Disaster Recovery Plan.

Data Center
The company’s Data Center is one of the most advanced in Greece, with dual UPS-sustained power systems, fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing systems.
Moreover, the company has a generator that produces electricity and is capable of supporting all HVAC and office automation systems for a 100% uptime operation.
There is an access control system in all critical points, be it access to data or access to telecommunications, which are under 24-hour surveillance by security guards.



ICAP,group Companies,operates in 5 cities in Greece, as well as in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Cyprus
Cycle S.A
Tel: +30 210 9304 200
Email: info@cycle.gr
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