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  the largest and most advanced on-line business directory a unique web platform for companies who aim to find quickly and easily suppliers or customers in Greece and the Balkans.

findbiz has accurate and complete data for more than 1,000,000* Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian companies, information on 2,900* goods and services, 330.000* emails, as well as published financial statements for SA and LTD companies.

Findbiz gives you instantly the information that you seek in order to identify and effectively target new markets.
The new edition of findbiz offers 2 different search methods which enable the users to access different sets of information:

  • Simple Search: allows subscribers to perform unlimited number of searches using as search criteria the company’s Details, its Activity (3 alternative classifications), Trademarks and Foreign Firms as well as the Geographical region of their choice.
  • Premium Search & Download of Company Lists: it is available only to Premium Subscribers and offers additional, more specialized, search criteria for enhanced targeting, and also possibility of unlimited counts and easy download of company lists in editable Excel format.

Advertise through findbiz, the best spot to be seen by your most potential customers.
The directory offers flexible advertising schemes so you can effectively promote your company to your target audience

  • Increase awareness of your Brand Name
  • Promote your products or services to specialized target groups
  • Get ahead of your competition in the categories in which you operate

Your company promotion via findbiz addresses your most potential partners as these are looking for your products or services.


Gain access to flexible financial analysis through the new service finnews of findbiz.gr.

The finnews.gr is a flexible and easy to use online tool of financial information on companies and sectors of Greek economy as well as an excellent tool for instant and effective analysis of financial statements of companies or industries that interest you.

Through finnews.gr it is possible to select any combination of companies of your choice and display the respective consolidated financial data, thus providing you with the ultimate flexibility in financial analysis.

See here a demo video of finnews.gr

*The number of companies may vary in the context of the database update process


ICAP Group is the only Greek company recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) and by ESMA as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA)

Customer Care
Tel: +30 210 7200 050
Email: customercare@icap.gr


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