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Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a measure of normal personality and is used to predict job performance. The HPI is an ideal tool to help you strengthen your employee selection, leadership development, succession planning, and talent management processes.

Indicative Reports
Management Developement
Insight HPI
Safety Report

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) identifies personality-based performance risks and derailers of interpersonal behavior. These behaviors are most often seen during times of stress and may impede work relationships, hinder productivity, or limit overall career potential. These derailers—deeply ingrained in personality—affect an individual’s leadership style and actions. If these behavior patterns are recognized, however, they can be compensated by development and coaching.

Indicative Reports
Insight HDS

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is a personality inventory that reveals a person’s core values, goals and interests. Results indicated which type of position, job and environment will be most motivating for the employee and when he/she will feel the most satisfied

Indicative Reports
Insight MVPI

Indicative Cumulative Reports (HPI, HDS, MVPI)

Team Report
High performing teams can achieve results of a very high level. However, teams are prone to every kind of dysfunction; from internal conflicts to detachment and showing lack of interest. Hogan’s Team Report  can help leaders to understand the mix of capabilities, development areas and team culture and it enables them to spot and amend possible problematic areas in order to maximize team performance.

Comprehend Individual Roles
     Manage Conflict
          Become aware of the Culture

In today’s market, the most effective organisations have realised that high performing teams offer an indisputable competitive advantage. Hogan’s Team Report provides leaders with valuable information in relation to strengths, development areas, values and the unique team dynamic. It also equips them with tactics they need in order to help their teams and to fully unfold their possibilities.

Indicative Cumulative Report
Team Report

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) evaluates a person’s ability to solve problems and make business-related decisions using textual, graphic, and quantitative data. Many psychologists believe that cognitive ability is the single best predictor of occupational performance and other important outcomes, including health, wealth, and life satisfaction. The HBRI is the first measure of reasoning ability based on a theory of intelligence and designed exclusively to predict real-world performance.

Indicative Reports
HBRI Interpet

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