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ACEO / ICAP CEO Index 2013 Q3
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We would like to inform you about the results of the ACEO/ICAP CEO Index 3rd semester 2013 survey.

This important survey took place between September 18th and October 4th 2013 in a sample of 2340 CEOs and General Managers. It was conducted by ICAP Group on behalf of the Association of Chief Executive Officers (ACEO). You may find a summary of the main findings below:

“What puzzles the most is that the economic climate index remained static at 135 points for the first time after 7 continuous semesters (was 136 last semester).This unexpected development in no way can be interpreted as sign of fatigue or a slowdown of the CEOs’ efforts to overcome the consequences brought by the economic crisis, which will be over soon.  It rather pictures the delays in implementing the necessary structural reforms as well as the CEOs’ worry thoughts about handling the debt in the future – a factor that will have an important effect in the formation of the business landscape over the next years, when the economy returns to a positive rate of development. About this issue, 7 out of 10 CEOs believe that a new haircut or other equivalent measure will be needed. Also it is positive that 6 out of 10 CEOs believe that the economic situation of the companies they run will be better in a year from now. Moreover, 3 out of 4 CEOs say that the recent decisions of some big companies to relocate their headquarters abroad do not tremble the trust in the Greek economy. A small number of companies might follow, but they do not signal a trend of fleeing abroad”.
Attached you may read the relevant Press Release.

In order to see the detailed results of the research, please visit the ACEO’s website (www.ease.gr) or click here for the Press Release and the Full Text (both available only in Greek).


ICAP Group considers its duty to inform its Social Stakeholders, through the Mass Media.

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