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5th Credit Risk Management Conference_2012
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5th Credit Risk Management Conference,
Wensday October 31st 2012, Ledra Marriott Hotel

The international credit risk expert, Professor E.Altman at the ICAP Group Conference

Edward Altman was named one of the “100 most influential people in the world” (2005, “Treasury and Risk Management” publication) and is an expert on Credit Risk Analysis, Corporate Bankruptcy, High Yield Bonds and Distressed Debt.

Edward Altman is the Max L. Heine Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, New York University. Since 1990, he has directed the research effort in Fixed Income and Credit Markets at the NYU Salomon Center and is currently the Director of this well known Center. He is also a Visiting Professor at various Business Schools in the USA, Brazil, France, Italy, Wales and Australia.

Professor Altman is the instigator of the Z-score formula and its evolution Z-metrics. He has written more than 35 books and 100 articles on Corporate Bankruptcy and Credit Risk. Moreover, he has been consulting numerous Government and Financial Organizations as well as Industries.


ICAP Group is the only Greek company recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) and by ESMA as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA)

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