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3rd Credit Risk Management Conference_2010
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3rd CREDIT RISK Conference from ICAP Group
October 26,  2010

The annual Credit Risk Conference that ICAP Group organizes has become an Institution. The previous 2 Conferences have attended more than 650 executives working in Financial company departments and sector in general.  Therefore, an Institution which has as its main subject the Credit Risk Management carries on being the starting point of any business decision, especially within the present economic situation.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the participation, as Keynote Speaker, of the internationally renowned Professor at the Stern Business School, Edward Altman

Moreover, having already established the Hellenic Association of Credit Risk Managers (the idea for which was expressed during the 1st Credit Risk Conference), ICAP Group can present to all participants the ideas and matters discussed by  the Association’s members.

ICAP Group with the feeling of responsibility, as the largest Business Services provider in 5 Southeastern countries, specializing in the Evaluation and Management of Credit Risk, aims at offering real value to the sector through an annual meeting of all professionals in the field.  The exchange of ideas and the discussion concerning particular policies for the diminution of Credit Risk, are the starting lines for action planning in the field.



International personalities and high level executives in the 3rd Credit Risk Conference, October 26 2010

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