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Human Capital Summit  Talent Management: From drain to gain
Thursday,  June 4, 2015, Athens Ledra Hotel

ICAP People Solutions, is organizing the 1st Human Capital Summit, on Thursday, June 4, 2015 on Talent Management: From drain to gain.

The Key Note Speaker of the Human Capital Summit will be Dr. Tomas Chamorro – Premuzic, CEO of Hogan Assessments, a global pioneer in the use of the science of personality in personnel selection, management development and creating successful leaders.

Human Capital Summit will cover two major issues:

The first issue concerns the prediction of performance and the development of leadership based on the personality traits of talented individuals. It concerns all the Human Resources professionals, senior managers who lead large groups of employees e.g. in sales, and professional psychologists and coaches. The Summit will deal with the latest trends and methodologies which support professionals who assess and develop talent to increase their effectiveness and add value to the business.

The second issue concerns the loss of talent, or “brain drain” as it is commonly referred that weakens the Greek labor market and the efforts made to mitigate the trend. This is a topic of major concern for the entire business community. The last few years, the Greek labor market is marked by decline in job openings, reduction of salaries and decrease of professional development opportunities. Focusing on financial recovery or even their absolute survival, businesses have either lost many of their talents or did not care to attract new ones. Many of these talents looked for opportunities abroad toward choices that seemed more promising. The next bet for the business community in Greece is to identify and bring back in the country the missing talent which could contribute to the emergence of a new vision for tomorrow.

Keynote Speaker


"A bright side of personality”, a video with Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO Hogan Assessments
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