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Email campaigns are a direct, efficient and more importantly measurable way of contact with its own rules of success and if used in the right way, it can contribute to the increase the company’s  advertising exposure.

Email marketing is an evolved communication media with your clients and if used properly it can significantly benefit your company. Start sending targeted email marketing campaigns and see your profits grow! Many of your competitors already do that!!

We will help you find solutions andpractices to improve sales, expand your customers’ data and optimize every marketing campaign.

• Find customers
• Contact and understand customer needs
• Establish creative approach
• Create design – Design dept.
• Create target list (Determine criteria)
• Export list
• use of mass mail tool for sending the campaign
• Create and send mass mail report

Create email design (html)
Creation of e-mail which will be sent to the targeted list provided by the client or to a list that will be purchased from ICAP. The e-mail will contain the design approved by the client, along with the message that the client wishes to communicate.  The logo of the client’s company will also be included, as well as relative images and links to the customer’s web site.

List purchase
ICAP provides tailor made lists with new verified emails (benefit: higher conversion rate). These lists  are being created only for the customer, based on  his specific needs.

Send Email (mass mail tool)
ICAP undertakes sending the  email to the confirmed-with-client list using specific software that can send mass-mails with the use of HTML format.
After concluding the campaign, we’ll remove the recipients to whom the message wasn’t delivered and will provide statistics for how many of them read the message.

Expand Email Marketing of your company and boost your Sales!


In-depth knowledge of the business sectors that you are interested in!

Customer Care
Tel: +30 210 7200 050
Email: customercare@icap.gr
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