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Leading Sectors in Greece
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A few words about the Edition

ICAP capitalizing on the wealth of information contained in the Sectorial Studies it has been publishing for three decades, provides immediate access to some of the most important points arising from them, through its edition “40 Leading Sectors of the Greek Economy”
This Business Edition is a useful guide for those who want to gain an overview of the developments and performance of 40 business sectors of the Greek economy, as it offers sectorial updates in three-page summaries. In particular, the Edition includes:

• Study on the latest Developments and Performance of 40 selected sectors (indexes of profitability, efficiency and financial ratios).
• 40 concise Sector Presentations.
• The top companies of each Sector, referring to some of their economic and commercial data.
• Overview of the course of business sectors in the Greek, as well as in the European and international market.
• Tables with the summary Balance Sheet of each sector and its numerical indices, based sample that includes the most representative businesses of each industry.

ICAP holds a vast experience on Sectorial Studies as since 1991 it has released studies for 203 sectors and subsectors of the Greek Economy.

"40 Leading Sectors of the Greek Economy",
is distributed (free of charge) in Athens and Thessaloniki via newspaper. Additionally, it is mailed to the businesses of each sector of the edition, to business organizations, chambers and banking institutions, to ICAP offices in Greece and it is also distributed to participants in a series of thematic events and conferences that ICAP hosts or sponsors. At the same time, it is shared on line via ICAP’s official website and Social Media.
To obtain the Edition "40 Leading Sectors of the Greek Economy" for free, contact ICAP.

Opportunities for Corporate Display
The Edition "40 Leading Sectors of the Greek Economy", offers you the possibility to promote your company, products and services at a wide audience (Β2Β/Β2C), through one-page advertisements and sponsored thematic sections.
This publication provides some of the most important points arising from selected ICAP Sectoral Studies, in three-page summaries. The Edition is a useful tool for those who want to gain an overview of the various Sectors of the Greek economy. Given that ICAP publishes Sectoral Studies since 1991 and do far has released so far approximately 1.300 editions (100 pages each on average), anyone can perceive the wealth of information presented in this luxury Edition in a concise and comprehensive manner.

Browse through "40 Leading Sectors"(e-book)

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For more information please contact with Customer Care
Phone: 210 7200 050
Email: customercare@icap.gr
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