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Due to the current financial state of the Greek market, businesses are facing some serious challenges, the majority of which refer to the need of cash flow improvement. Businesses are called to manage issues like:

  • The lack of trust that investors are displaying towards the Greek companies due to the current financial environment.
  • Getting access to bank funding is difficult and the granted amounts are limited and expensive
  • Credit Lines from suppliers are drastically reducing
  • On the market, there are various credit lines (Corporate Bonds, Crowdfunding of multiple forms, Entrepreneurships Support Fund, Securities Market) but it is hard to approach them without having some form of accreditation that to earn their trust.

ICAP, as a recognized by ESMA Credit Risk Agency, is constantly improving or creating tools for companies to face the liquidity problems, investing in human capital and technologies for new services such as Solicited Credit Rating.

Solicited Credit Rating is the credit rating evaluation that a certified evaluation organization performs upon company’s request and a vessel for a company’s improvement and development.

The importance of this service lies in:

  • Being a great asset when working with Banks (local or foreign).
  • The accurate imprinting of creditworthiness of funds that are undertaking special projects.
  • Adding high value for immediate recognition of creditworthiness, when indirectly cooperating with credit insurance companies.
  • Company’s qualified credit rating is presented to investors and private funding capitals.
  • Supporting material for receiving admission to ΕΝ.Α STEP program for financing through investors (Athens Stock Exchange).

Businesses should know that a high Credit Evaluation from a registered European Credit Rating Agency gives a company transparency, improves its negotiating skills and attracts market interest, increasing investors’ trust and enabling easier access to funds.
ICAP enables Greek companies to achieve the above by providing the Solicited Credit Rating service and utilizing its long-lasting expertise and experience in the field of Credit Risk services


We inform you that ICAP as a registered Credit Rating Agency shall report and also submit to the European Securities & Markets Authority – ESMA its  Solicited Credit Ratings.

The latter is required to publish the information regarding these assessments on a public website (European Rating Platform-ERP) in compliance with the Regulation 2015/2 of the European Commission.


Assignments Solicited Credit Ratings

ICAP is the only Greek company recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) and by ESMA as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA)

Customer Care
Tel: +30 210 7200 050
Email: customercare@icap.gr


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