High Heels on
High Hills

The leading Female Entrepreneurship Event was held for the 5th year with 200 Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives...
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ICAP People Solutions Event

...was held with the topic "Career change: When Entrepreneurship is an option" on Wednesday October 27th...
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Products and

Loyalty and Customer Engagement Solutions,
Kompass Services and Launch of enhanced ICAPB2B (Romania)...
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ICAP/ACEO CEO General Index

A new improvement in the Economic Climate Index among CEOs was recorded within the 3rd quarter of 2017...
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A compendium of companies that celebrate an important anniversary of their foundation in 2017 highlighting...
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An upward shift in Female Entrepreneurship was recorded in ICAP's Study and Primary Research in 2017...
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News and Publications
Recent Αrticles and Useful Press Releases...
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10th Credit Risk Management Conference (GR)
Joshua Peirez, President and COO of Dun & Bradstreet, for the 1st time in Greece... Read More
Save the Date
Greece: True Leaders Awards - 19/12,  Romania: True Leaders Awards - 25/10, Serbia: Credit Risk Management Conference - 23/10

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