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DATE: January, 2019
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General Information
Raw Material ofr Cold Cuts and Meat Products - Domestic Production of Meat (2000-2012)
Raw Material of Cold Cuts and Meat Products - Domestic Consumption of Meat (2000-2012)
Product Description
Sector Description
Key Financial Figures of the Sector of Meat Processing / Preserving (2005-2010)
Institutional Framework - Community Legislation

The Demand for Cold Cuts and Meat Products
Factors Defining Demand
Average Monthly Household Expenditure on Cold Cuts (2010-2011)

The Supply of the Sector
Structure and Breakdown of the Sector
Distribution Channels
Advertising Expenditure of Cold Cuts (2008-2012)
Sales of Cold Cut and Meat Product Manufacturers (2008-2012)
Sales of Cold Cut Importers (2008-2012)
Creditworthiness - Trading Conduct of Assessed Businesses (2008-2013)
Financial Ratios of Manufacturers (2008-2012)
- Profitability of Manufacturers
- Performance of Manufacturers
- Liquidity of Manufacturers
- Financial Structure of Manufacturers
- Activity of Manufacturers
Consolidated Balance Sheet of Manufacturers (2011-2012)
Ranking of Manufacturers based on Profitability (2011-2012)

The Domestic Market for Cold Cuts and Meat Products
Domestic Production of Cold Cuts (1996-2012)
Domestic Production Shares (2012)
External Trade - Imports (2004-2012)
External Trade - Exports (2004-2012)
Index of Competitiveness for Cold Cuts and Meat Products - Trade Balance
Domestic Market of Cold Cuts (2000-2013)
Domestic Market of Cold Cuts - Market Shares (2012)
Domestic Market of Meat Products (2000-2013)

The European Market for Cold Cuts and Meat Products
External Trade of Cold Cuts and Meat Products in the E.U. (2007-2011)

Conclusions - Trends and Prospects
Analysis of the Competitive Environment (Porter)
SWOT Analysis
Trends and Prospects
ICAP, is the only Greek Company recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI).
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