Solutions for all major Divisions within a company
Innovation in the field of Human Resources
2nd Credit Risk Management Conference
Milestones for Google AdWords™ and ICAP Employment Solutions
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July 2009
ICAP's Quarterly
ICAP Group provides solutions for all major Divisions within a company

ICAP Group is developing into a valuable ally for businesses, its role extending beyond that of a simple service provider, by providing personalized and measurable solutions to all of the major Divisions within a company, and by offering numerous services that are grouped under 4 major categories: Credit Risk Services, Marketing Solutions, Management Consulting and People Solutions.
By taking advantage of the Credit Risk Services offered by ICAP Group, Finance Departments can now handle their costs and liquidity more effectively thanks to the highly-reliable Business Information and Receivables Management services.
Through its Marketing Solutions, ICAP offers consulting services and market research and recommends the promotion of products and services via its 10 Business Directories (electronic & print copy), its Contact Center and through Google AdWords.
Management Consulting services consist of Strategic and Business planning projects, Marketing and Franchise Consulting Services as well as conducting Sector Studies on an annual basis that provide a specialized and thorough knowledge on the developments and the outlook of 65 sectors.
Finally, People Solutions comprise of Executive Search and Selection, Human Capital Consulting, Employment and HR Outsourcing Solutions (temporary and contract employment; partial or total undertaking of independent HR operations).
To communicate this new organization of services, ICAP Group arranged a series of Networking Breakfasts in June, which were attended by more than 300 managers from the Finance, Commercial and HR Departments of various companies, in order to trigger a discussion on key issues in their respective fields.

Innovation in the field of Human Resources

A new pioneering service based on outsourcing has been designed in order to fill the gap in the Greek market in terms of planning, implementing and managing all or part of HR operations at a much lower cost. Greek companies that have realized the importance of having a high-quality HR Department but do not have the required resources to attract and to maintain competent staff with rich backgrounds and exposure to different cultures in order to organize an integrated HR Department internally, can now turn to the ICAP Group. Large businesses which wish to keep only some basic HR operations within the company and assign the rest to third parties, may also make use of these services. This solution, which has not been provided to such an extent by other consultants in Greece until now, ensures the provision of integrated and effective services with the use of modern and tested tools and methodologies.
ICAP Group has already taken complete responsibility for the operation of the Human Resources Departments of 7 well-known companies in different sectors.


2nd Credit Risk Conference by the ICAP Group: The Day After


The 2nd Credit Risk Conference will take place on Tuesday, October 6th 2009 at the DIVANI CARAVEL Hotel.
This year, the Conference will host Mr. Stephen Schaefer, Professor of Finance at London Business School and member of Moody’s Academic Research & Advisory Committee. His keynote speech will be on how the changes brought about by the crisis have affected Credit Risk Management.
Mr. Richard J. Hunter, Managing Director of FITCH RATINGS will also honor us with his presence. His speech will consider the future of Credit Risk Management and will include forecasts on the Ratings of 2012.
In addition to the aforementioned, the Conference will include the presentation of a Senior Director from the field of International Banking as well as two round-table discussions dealing with, on one hand, factoring and, on the other hand, what CEOs are expecting from their Finance Departments in terms of Credit Risk Management in times of crises. 

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Two milestones for the ICAP Group: 100 advertisers in 100 days for Google AdWords™ and 1,000 people outsourced by ICAP Employment Solutions

ICAP Group, as an authorized reseller of Google AdWords in Greece, announced to the press that within the first 100 days of offering the service (February-May 2009), it had already signed advertising agreements with 100 businesses. Today, it has more than 180 clients. AdWords is an effective way for all types of companies to advertise their products and services. By spending as much money as they want, they get to reach potential clients right at the moment when they are searching for them.  According to the agreement, ICAP is, since February, in charge of selling AdWords and providing client support on behalf of Google in the Greek market.

Furthermore, ICAP Employment Solutions has recently surpassed the milestone number of 1,000 employees that work in the facilities of companies-clients. Up to now, the positions that have been filled in are in banks and in the field of telecommunications, industries, service providers, tourist companies, health service providers, and public sector companies. ICAP Employment Solutions generated a turnover of the order of €15.5 million in 2008 and aims at €20mn in 2009, offering Integrated Employment Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing Services.

ICAP Group was the first to publish its study on the first 4,000 financial statements

The first 4,000 published financial statements, which account for about 10% of the total number of companies required to publish their balance sheets and P&Ls, gave a clear picture of the financial results of 2008, which the ICAP Group conveyed to the press beginning of May.  While there is an evident increase of revenue, the disproportionate increase of expenditure reveals a weakness to control and holdback costs, driving most companies to a profit squeeze. In addition, the fact that the picture in all sectors is more or less the same, leads us to the conclusion that their sales targets were not achieved. Perhaps the crisis, more intense in Greece during the last quarter of 2008, played the most important role.  The conclusions distributed to the press by the ICAP Group were well publicized (21 newspapers and magazines thoroughly presented the study).




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The annual COFACE Conference was hosted in Greece

The COFACE Conference took place in Greece on May 18 and 19. It was an honor and pleasure for the ICAP Group to host it. During the two-day conference, which took place in ICAP’s headquarters, COFACE presented its activity in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. There was also a productive discussion on Risk Management and International Scoring issues given that this annual meeting is a starting point for the company to define its strategy. COFACE is a minority shareholder in the ICAP Group and is one of the largest export credit insurance and financial information groups in the world.

ICAP Acts Green on Ymittos Hill: an entire business day spent on cleaning and taking care of Ymittos

On Thursday May 28th 2009, in the context of the Corporate Social Responsibility program and, more particularly, the ICAP Acts Green initiative, ICAP Group organized a one-day expedition of its personnel in order to preserve the newly-planted trees in the area Pigada on Ymittos Hill, on the outskirts of the Municipality of Vyronas. The company’s main goal was to preserve water around the saplings at a phase when they are in great need of it.
The event was covered by SKAI radio. This initiative was planned in collaboration with the Association for the Protection & Development of Ymittos and represents an important investment on behalf of the ICAP Group given that an entire business day was devoted to it, hence differentiating it from similar corporate events.
Similar events were organized by our branch in Crete, while Thessaloniki and Larissa teamed up for this occasion.

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