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Our People

Blood Bank

Our Company has created the ICAP Blood Bank in order to deal with the needs that come from its personnel, their husbands or wives and their first-degree relatives.

Blood Donation takes place twice a year at ICAP’s headquarters, in collaboration with Laiko General Hospital and Metaxa Hospital.

ICAP believes that donating blood is an act of responsibility and of giving; it stands for generosity, solidarity and is a gift of life to someone who needs it.

We invite all our employees to truthfully support and help maintain the Blood Bank at every chance they get, whether it is at a staff event or on any other occasion.


Investigate Career Abilities & Prospects

The “Investigate Career Abilities & Prospects” program is specifically designed for our employees’ children and is aimed at offering them guidance in their professional lives. It is important to point out that ICAP employs a great number of experienced HR Consultants which are very familiar with the labor market’s secrets.

The program has two parts:

1. ICAP Career Guidance Days

The purpose of these events is to directly inform and support young people, hence making their career and occupational choices easier.

They are designed for students and undergraduates as well as unemployed persons and aim to:

– Inform them on the available educational and occupational choices with respect not only to their preferences but to the labor market’s perspectives and trends as well.

– Provide them with the necessary knowledge that will enable them to implement their education and employment plans.

Α.  Career Guidance for Students
Once a year, we organize a career day for the vocational orientation of high-school students. Students first fill out an electronic evaluation questionnaire in order to identify their learning style and competencies. An analysis of the results is then conducted so that the students can understand the concepts described in the report. At the end, each student has a 10-minute meeting alone with our counselors.

Β. Career Guidance for Undergraduates/Graduates and Unemployed Persons

Once a year, we organize a 3-hour career event that deals with the subjects described below. Participants get the chance to take the Hogan Assessment personality test and receive the results on career day in order to have them assessed by the company’s HR Counselors.

Career guidance consists of three subjects:

– “The importance of working while studying. Alternative occupational choices and benefits”

– “How to write a successful CV and present yourself properly during an interview”

– “Trends and alternative employment options (for those out of work)”

2. Work Experience Opportunity within the ICAP

This part aims at supporting, reinforcing and increasing young peoples’ opportunities to have their first work experience. It is intended for the children (or the siblings) of employees that are undergraduates, graduates or unemployed. It takes place during two separate 6-month periods (July-January).

We try to have each candidate-employee train the next person that will take his/her place so that there is continuity in terms of work flow.
Each year, we employ around 10 people.
The communication and hiring process begins a month or two before, meaning from May to June for the first period and from November to December for the second period. This leaves enough time to make the proper arrangements and to ensure that work flow in the various departments is not disrupted. At the end of the employment period, we provide the short-term employees with an assessment by their manager and the HR Department as well as with a recommendation letter. Finally, in some cases, we try to find a permanent position for any candidate that may be interested.



Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance Benefits

ICAP cares for its employees and provides them with healthcare as well as with a wide range of medical services through the private clinic it has entered into agreement with. In addition, it gives allowances for natural births or C-sections as well as in the event of a miscarriage.

Staff Training

The Group provides several training options to its employees, both in the form of group training as well as individual seminars. Furthermore, it helps selected executives obtain their MBA degree from distinguished education establishments in Greece.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above, the ICAP gives annual bonuses, wedding gifts as well as privileged prices at collaborating stores in the form of a Purchase Power Basket that can be managed through a portal. Finally, it provides gift vouchers during the holidays and makes additional offers to parent employees.

Europe Corporate Games

Each year, ICAP takes part in the Europe Corporate Games with its basketball and soccer teams. This is a significant initiative because of its distinct character; given that its unique purpose is to strengthen the relationship among employees and to create a friendly environment that transcends professional boundaries.

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