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Social Contribution-Volunteering

Environmental Outings

Every year, our staff participates in two environmental outings one of which is organized on a business day and the other one during the weekend.
At spring, ICAP dedicates an entire business day to an environmental activity in which its entire staff takes part, and this is what sets it apart from similar corporate initiatives given that it shows the management’s commitment. The purpose of this activity is to combine giving to nature and conducting group training activities that motivate, reward and build sociability and teamwork.


In autumn, employees are encouraged to go an an excursion, along with their families, in order to clean a beach or reforest an area or any such environmental activity. The goal is to develop an environmental conscience and to promote family bonding.

ICAP, through its offices in 4 major cities (Thessaloníki, Larissa, Patras and Crete), is environmentally active all over Greece, hence demonstrating that its environmental awareness goes beyond the capital.

Furthermore, through the corporate portal, the HR Department informs employees on any environmental initiatives taken by other bodies or organizations in order to motivate employees and their families to participate.


Contribution to Schools/ Universities

Focusing on the various current affairs, ICAP implements actions similar to the Investigate Career Abilities & Prospects program, upon agreement with the selected establishment. This entails giving around 10 speeches a year.
Moreover, we provide data to the members of the academic community in order to update them on the economic situation and to support them in their research.

Free On-Line Access to the ICAP DATABASE


Embassies & Consulates

As ICAP has the largest corporate database with detailed information on 500,000 companies, it considers it its duty to provide a free, on-line access to certain social groups. All Greek Embassies and Consulates located abroad have a free of charge access so that they can find useful data on businesses; hence also facilitating the promotion of Greek exports.


Specialized Studies

ICAP conducts a number of Specialized Studies and Research on the course of the fundamental sectors of the Greek economy, such as the annual research on the manufacturing industry and on households; the economic analyses on the progress of trade, services, tourism and the manufacturing industry; regional studies, and so on. These studies are given for free and are very much appreciated by Greek and international public bodies such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Bank of Greece, the IMF, the OECD, and others.


SOS Children’s Villages

In the event that an employee suffers the loss of a first-degree relative, ICAP makes a donation to the charity “SOS Children’s Villages”. We believe that by doing so, we support our colleague in a moral and discreet way, and, at the same time, we sponsor a rather vulnerable social group: children.


Responding to Urgent Needs or Requests

Quite a few times, we have also responded to urgent situations during which our fellow citizens have suffered. During the devastating fires of 2007, many of our employees showed awareness and participated in initiatives that aimed to assist fire victims. In addition to the help these people offered personally, ICAP’s Board of Directors made a substantial donation. Finally, ICAP also supports the work of various charities (such as ELEPAP, the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children) in many different ways.

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