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The Environment

ICAP Acts Green

The ICAP Acts Green project is developed by a group of volunteers-employees who exchange ideas and plan environmental actions. However, this team’s philosophy also governs the Group’s overall operation and communication outlook and is expressed in every one of its moves. It aims at adopting an active environmental behavior and is based on employee volunteering through working groups that meet on a weekly basis at the company’s offices.

ICAP’s Ten Environmental Commandments

ICAP has designed an environmental bookmark which has been handed out to its employees. It gives small pieces of advice that, if be applied daily, can help protect the environment. Through these actions, ICAP wants to raise the environmental awareness of its employees and to keep them informed about the environment, so they can adopt an eco-behavior and create an environmentally-friendly workspace.

Becoming Acquainted with the Celebration of International Days

The ICAP HR Department regularly informs all of its employees about the Days that are celebrated worldwide, such as the No Smoking Day, the Environmental Protection Day, the Volunteer Day or the Car-Free Day, in order to motivate them to participate on their own in the various activities organized across the country.


Recycling bins have been placed in all ICAP offices and they can be easily accessed by its employees. The latter have entirely embraced the concept of saving paper but also of recycling it when its use is inevitable. The ICAP recycles more than 15 tons of paper each year.

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