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Group Identity

Your Business Partner

ICAP, group of companies, is the biggest B2B Services Group, with leading presence in Southeastern Europe, via 16 overall companies, in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus. With Vision, to be the most successful services Group to businesses in SEE and their first choice (“Your Business Partner”), ICAP is evolving into is a multidisciplinary partner, providing innovative Solutions to a wide range of business challenges.


ICAP’s overall workforce exceeds 1.200 employees, all of whom possess the specialized knowledge, experience and capabilities in order to offer high quality services. ICAP also employs more than 2.800 employees, working at our clients’ premises, through the Employment Solutions Business Line.


Since 2007, in the shareholding structure of ICAP, a strong majority package, is held by the SEEF fund of Global Finance, the largest private equity firm in SEE, while Coface, one of the world’s largest Credit Insurers and Business Information providers, is also a shareholder .


Today, ICAP offers a wide range of products and services, grouped into 2 major categories, addressing the major Divisions of every Company: “Credit Risk & Business Information Solutions” and “Human Capital & Outsourcing Solutions”.


ICAP S.A., is the only company in Greece that has been recognized as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) by the Bank of Greece, as well as, certified as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA), by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Our Vision is to be the most successful business services company and clients’ first choice, through innovative solutions and diversification.

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