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Human Capital Consulting

ICAP offers a wide range of services, aiming to support organizations to become Employers of Choice. Employers of Choice are strong in attracting executives and junior employees alike, reward according to the contribution of each employee, foster a climate of open communication, motivation, loyalty and cooperation, and thereby achieve high levels of effectiveness and competitive edge.


We have developed methodologies that combine deep knowledge of the local markets with expertise from experienced consultants and world-class strategic partners, which are: Hogan Assessments, Aon Assessments and Meta Profiling.


Analytically there are solutions available in the following areas:

Hogan Certification Workshop

Learn to assess the personality, the values and the behavior of a person by utilizing scientific tools that are proven to be effective and based on research of more than 30 years. Through various case studies you will learn to effectively interpret the personality of your executives and to provide feedback regarding difficult behavioral issues by using the tools of Hogan.

Selecting the Best

“Selecting the Best” is a workshop that provides information on selection procedures, practices and tools that will help you select the best people for your organization, every time. It can also be conducted as an in-house seminar with custom made case studies.

Profession Manager ©

The workshop is designed for new Managers who have recently undertaken the leadership of teams and for more experienced Executives that wish to validate and enrich their knowledge in team management issues to manage the face-to-face relationship with a team member.


At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to effectively lead several different types of face-to-face managerial conversations. In particular, they will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of their role in developing and maintaining high-performing teams
  • Identify different management styles and understand how to adapt their style to the profile of each team member
  • Use the essential principles of effective communication and give constructive feedback
  • Set smart qualitative and quantitative objectives and follow through with them until they have met
  • Manage courageous conversations with colleagues to improve poor performance
  • Identify talents among team members and create the conditions to unleash their potential

A certificate of attendance is provided at the end of the workshop

The workshop is conducted in the Greek Language with material that is in the English language. It can also be conducted in the English language.

Indicative agenda

What is effective Leadership

The Situational Leadership model and the various Leadership styles

The importance of asking powerful questions in discussions that a leader initiates with each team member, to enhance Communication and build Trust

The importance of providing Feedback in relation to SMART goals

How to implement courageous conversations and best practices

Unlocking human potential

Building development plans to unleash potential by using Learning Stages theory and Feedback providing.




Maria Kokkinou, Manager, Human Capital Consulting

Profession Leader ©

It is aimed at Senior Managers who want to upgrade their knowledge of leadership and to maximize the impact they exert as leaders, in order to develop high-performance teams. Based on their vision and values, they will create a learning environment and culture that inspires executives to be significant contributors and committed to results.

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to feel that they are able to effectively lead a team by vision and values and manage any change process. In particular, they will be able to:


  • Be self-aware of their personal values, leadership style and potential derailers
  • Build an enriched vision and share it with various target audiences using storytelling techniques
  • Develop organizational design skills that help build capabilities aligned with the company’s strategies
  • Identify the team’s pitfalls and learn how to manage disoriented or dysfunctional teams
  • Explore how to infuse a performance culture that capitalizes on collective intelligence


Pre -work of 120’ for each participant is necessary prior to the workshop

A certificate of attendance is provided at the end of the workshop

The workshop is conducted in the Greek Language with material that is in the English language. It can also be conducted in the English language.


Indicative agenda

What is vision and its differentiation from the mission of a company

Introduction to the psychometric tools of Hogan Assessments and the link between the personality of leaders and the definition and implementation of the vision of the company

Leadership styles and discussion on personal psychometric profiles of participants

Storytelling and best practices in building a vision

Definition of “Organizational Design” and reference to various organizational models and leadership best practices

Managing dysfunctional teams and discussion on derailers and based on relevant psychometric tool

Design of action plan for quick wins

The significance of personal and team motives and values

What is a learning environment and how a learning culture is created?

The impact of collective intelligence and best practices of utilizing collective intelligence to ensure high performance teams

How to implement a Leadership Plan


Kostas Zoulias, Director, Human Capital Consulting
Maria Kokkinou, Manager, Human Capital Consulting

Team Ignition

Team Ignition is an effective development method that enhances team cohesion and supports the role of the leader, to help achieve team and corporate goals.


It is based on a valid team factor analysis model, to identify areas for improvement and builds teamwork through activities that involve team members and team leader, on real-work team situations not out-door activities


The method includes:

  • A valid on-line diagnostic tool, Team Assessment Survey©, which is based on Gordon Cuphrey’s “The Rocket Model” and assesses 8 factors that affect the effectiveness of the team. (Context- Mission-Talent-Norms-Buy-in-Resources-Courage-Results)
  • 40 activities to select from, according to needs, which intervene on the 8 factors
  • Interactive workshops and personal coaching to support the team and its members
  • Expert Consultants to support the implementation of the method


The benefits for the team:

  • All  factors that hinder teamwork are identified and addressed
  • The team operation is solidified, since team members learn practices and processes to facilitate teamwork and achieve results together
  • Team members gain self-awareness regarding their contributions and role in team and develop an effective action plan to achieve the team’s goals
  • The leader increases her/his ability to intervene, in order to increase the effectiveness of the team as a whole and of the team members as individuals
  • Team results will improve


Information: Kostas Zoulias, Director, Human Capital Consulting, Phone no.:. +30 210 7200168 e-mail:

Psychometric tools are tests which assess specific abilitiescompetenciesbehaviors and motives. They take place in a controlled context (e.g. same conditions, same process, same questions, same comparison group etc) that leads to a controlled and standardized and therefore comparable result.


They are used as part of a selection/ development procedure and their benefits are multiple and research proven, as long as best practices are followed.


They can be used so as to provide important information during processes such as recruitment, development, 360o feedback, coaching, outplacement, career transition, vocational guidance and gaining in depth self insight.


Psychometric tools that are answered online have many advantages. In particular, they can be completed any time of day (24/7), whenever or wherever it is convenient for the assessee. The development of technology has really improved the diminishing of forgery. In addition, it is faster and easier to access and to answer the questions along with the scoring as it is automated and it decreases human error. What is more, report producing and sending to client is very direct. Finally, they are translated and culturally adjusted in many languages, so the assessee can complete the tools in the language s/he feels comfortable.



There are two keys to success in business: money and people. Hogan uses the powerful science of personality assessment to help you hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line

Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan were the first to prove that personality predicts workplace performance by helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity. Three decades later, our assessments are used at some of the most powerful companies in the world.



ICAP’S expert, certified consultants combine years of practical experience with deep knowledge of Hogan’s powerful assessments to help identify your company’s needs and design solutions tailored to accomplish talent management objectives, ranging from pre-hire selection to executive-level development. Hogan’s multi-dimensional approach to personality assessment provides incredible insight that can serve as a powerful tool throughout the employee lifecycle.










Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a measure of normal personality and is used to predict job performance. The HPI is an ideal tool to help you strengthen your employee selection, leadership development, succession planning, and talent management processes.




Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) identifies personality-based performance risks and derailers of interpersonal behavior. These behaviors are most often seen during times of stress and may impede work relationships, hinder productivity, or limit overall career potential. These derailers—deeply ingrained in personality—affect an individual’s leadership style and actions. If these behavior patterns are recognized, however, they can be compensated by development and coaching.




Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is a personality inventory that reveals a person’s core values, goals and interests. Results indicated which type of position, job and environment will be most motivating for the employee and when he/she will feel the most satisfied.







Building Strategic Self-Awareness for Success

As a potential leader, it is critical that you:
• Understand your work style, operational strengths, and opportunities for development.
• Understand how others perceive you at work – your leadership reputation.
• Leverage this understanding to define and promote your reputation, take advantage of your natural strengths, and address risks to your success.
Completing the Hogan assessments and feedback process will give you greater insight into how your personality influences your leadership effectiveness.

You will complete the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), then receive three corresponding reports. You will also receive a Coaching Report to help you integrate the results into a comprehensive development plan. Lastly, you will receive a Flash report that your Hogan feedback provider will use to help interpret the results.

Potential Report: Shows how others describe your day-to-day approach to work and leadership style
Challenge Report: Highlights your potential responses to stress or complacency and how they could impede your performance
Values Report: Reveals the work-related motivators and values that likely influence your leadership style
Coaching Report: Provides a summary of results across the three Hogan assessments and a five-step development planning worksheet
Flash Report: Graphically displays assessment scores to help your feedback provider interpret the results

After completing the assessments, you will participate in a feedback session with a Hogan-certified feedback provider.
• Your feedback provider will begin your session by discussing your job context and future goals, your natural strengths, and challenges you may face based on your work style and derailment risks. This information will provide the proper context in which to interpret your assessment results.
• The end of your session will focus on incorporating the insights gained from the assessments into your daily work and long-term development.

By completing the assessments and participating in a feedback session, you will:
• Better understand your leader reputation and how it may impact those who work with and for you.
• Identify key strengths you can leverage and development opportunities you can address.
• Learn about hidden strengths and weaknesses.
• Determine how you can adapt your approach and manage your reputation.
• Increase your strategic self-awareness to help you plan your career development and leverage your natural talents.

Leadership Forecast Series

Gives leaders a complete understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and underlying motivators along with a five-step development planning worksheet and career development primer.


Indicative Reports:


Leader Focus

Helps new leaders and first-time managers understand how their personality characteristics may influence their leadership effectiveness.

Applies to Managers and Individual Contributors.

Indicative Report:



Insight Series

Provides emerging and mid-level managers with a concise overview of their strengths, performance risks, and core values.

Applies to Managers and Individual Contributors.

Indicative Reports:


High Potential

Intended to help in the identification of talent within an organization an of individuals with the potential to undertake leadership roles. In addition, it helps the emergent leader become more effective and the effective leader be more emergent, resulting in maximized leadership potential.

Applies to Managers.

Indicative Report:




Identifies strengths, as well as potential shortcomings, with tips to optimize employee performance.

Applies to Individual Contributors.

Indicative Report:




Assesses emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage your own and others’ emotions.

Applies to Executives, Managers and Individual Contributors.

Indicative Report:



Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory

Identifies problem-solving style to predict occupational success and evaluates qualitative and quantitative reasoning for selection and development purpose

Applies to  Executives, Managers, Individual Contributors, All Levels.

Indicative Report:




Provides description of participants’ information processing style, decision-making approach and style, and openness to feedback and coaching.

Applies to  Executives and  Managers.

Indicative Report:




Designed for use by a coach or experienced/ certified user with expertise in the interpretation of tools based on scores alone.

Applies to Executives.

Indicative Report:




Provides early career advice based on strengths and shortcomings.

Applies to individual contributors.

Indicative Report:





Designed to help team members gain an understanding of team strengths, weaknesses, and culture.

Applies to Teams.

Indicative Report:




Hogan 360°

Multi-rater feedback tool to help individuals and leaders at any level gain a better understanding of how they are perceived in the organization.

Applies to Executives, Managers, Individual Contributors, All Levels, Teams.

Indicative Report:






Identifies each candidate as high, moderate, or low fit for a job for 7 major categories.

Applies to Managers and Individual Contributors.

Indicative Report:




Custom solution that describes job fit and provides a hiring recommendation, interview guide, and method for making a hiring decision.

Applies to Executives, Managers, Individual Contributors, All Levels.

Indicative Report:




Identifies safety-minded candidates, focuses and improves training, and recognizes and repairs safety-related gaps in your organizational culture.

Applies to Individual Contributors.

Indicative Report:



General Employability

A simple, easy-to-use hiring tool that quickly measures how employable a candidate is based on basic job requirements.

Applies to Individual Contributors.

Indicative Report:



Candidate Assessment Suite

Candidate Assessment Suite is the new HOGAN platform for quick and reliable selection of candidates based on personality.

Use Hogan’s science and candidates’ personality traits to quickly sort, filter and narrow down top candidates.

With the Candidate Assessment Suite, you can come up with a short list of suitable candidates, compare them, improve the interviews you conduct and, above all, base your selection on unbiased, objective and reliable data.

Using the Candidate Assessment Suite reduces the number of interviews you will have to conduct, and their associated costs, and the discussions with the most suitable candidates become more effective and focused.

The administration of the platform can be done independently by the HR executives of the client organization.


The Candidate Details Report provides information on each candidate’s potential work performance, including:

  • The candidate’s work style
  • The overall job family score and interpretative text
  • The job family competencies scores that are important for the job family to which the position belongs
  • Personality insights based on Hogan’s scales from the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) & Hogan Development Survey (HDS) questionnaires
  • Additional competencies that tailor the assessment to your job position (optional)
  • Recommended behavioral interview questions to uncover important personality insights based on Hogan assessment results


 ICAP Human Capital consultants provide extensive support for applying the solutions above to specific client needs either for talent development or for talent acquisition

Aon Assessments

Aon Assessments (ex Cut-e) creates proven, engaging and forward-looking online assessment instruments that constitute smart solutions for measuring human potential.

Aon’s innovative measurement instruments help Human Resources professionals and Managers make reliable and well substantiated decisions concerning talent assessment and selection. The specific tools are built on the solid foundations of research and psychometrics as well as on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are short, meaningful and user-friendly



Aon Assessments helps organizations identify individuals with the right competencies to achieve best results. It provides smart tools to HR professionals and managers for the selection and development of executives, for the creation of teams as well as for organizational development purposes.





For many years research has shown that aptitude tests are tools that are powerful predictors of long-term professional success.  Even though they constitute a relatively small financial investment they provide great added value to Human Resources decisions. All tests can be used to identify the potential of employees but are also suitable for the effective pre- screening of candidates, as part of an organization’s on- line selection process. A lot of the aptitude tests of the “Scales” series are well known and popular tests of Cut-e and continue to be part of Aon Assessments’ product portfolio.


Indicative Aptitude tests

  • Verbal Reasoning test that measures the ability of a person to draw logical conclusions from complex verbal information


  • Numerical Reasoning test that measures the ability of a person to draw logical conclusions from complex numerical information as presented in a number of tables and charts.
  • Inductive logical-thinking test that measures a person’s logical thinking ability.  It is a test that refers to the identification of rules that a series of several objects are governed by. The test taker must identify the object that does not match this rule.





  • Other tests include the following:
    • Creativity test
    • Reaction speed
    • Memory of faces and names
    • Spatial Orientation
    • Monitoring ability
    • Complex control (measures hand-eye coordination)
    • Sense of Direction
    • Short-term memory
    • Multitasking


  • Special knowledge/skills tests (e.g. English language skills or other language skills)that measures the language ability of person regarding three language aspects:  fluency, vocabulary and spelling. Among the list of special knowledge/ skills tests is also the mechanical reasoning test.



Aon Assessments uses the adalloc method, so that the possibility of easily copying or memorizing information is reduced, providing high security for falsification issues. The tests are used for entry level positions since it is important at this level where candidates join an organization to have their skills assessed. They can be used primarily for selection purposes yet also for development as well as for professional orientation.

Depending on a given job position, we suggest different series of tests such as for the aviation industry we suggest the “aviation suite” of tests.



Gamified Tests

The SmartPredict includes gamified aptitude tests with certain gaming elements (e.g. progressing through levels, earning points or getting badges) that have been designed to be completed also by using a mobile phone.


In every job, success depends on whether a person exhibits certain competencies. A person’s interpersonal and communication competencies, the way he/she works as well as approaches problems and overcomes challenges are frequently the most important factors that ensure long term success, in a given role compared to the person’s specialized knowledge/ expertise and experience.

With well-designed self-descriptive questionnaires, Aon Assessments measures those personality dimensions that are critical to job success and provides reliable information that helps make well informed selection and development decisions.


Ενδεικτικά τεστ Δεξιοτήτων: 

Personality Test 


There is also a specific report that identifies the specific competencies of a person based on the Sales Cycle model (Sales Shapes). The development of this model has been based on relevant scientific research that refers to the different phases of the sales process in various industries. It emphasizes on the most crucial phases of every successful sale.



  • ADEPT-15® personality assessment is a personality questionnaire based on 50 years of research, that can be completed via mobile phone and can be used for selection and development purposes.





Motives test  

  • Viewsmotives test measures the values, motives and interests of an individual at the workplace and assesses whether a person fits to an organization, a department or a team.



Video-Based Assessments

Aon Assessments provides the opportunity of delivering digital interviews, by utilizing AI technology. The specific tool designed of vidAssess enables HR executives to select from over 600 available questions as questions to be asked in the interview and ask candidates to record their answers within the expected time and upload them in the system. HR executives then have the opportunity to watch the videotaped interviews at the time they wish, thus greatly reducing candidate evaluation time.




Situational Judgement Test

During a selection process, the Chat Assess test allows candidates to send messages as they would through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Based on the choices and decisions they make, the test evaluates a candidate’s strengths and personal characteristics and predicts how candidates will react to real work situations. This test can be used at an early stage of the assessment process and is suitable for the selection of university graduates and interns.


ISV.Online has been market leaders in online skills testing and training for over 25 years. In 2020 ISV.Online became a brand of Ikiru People, a subsidiary of the Dillistone Group Plc. and a leader in the supply of technology solutions and services to recruitment, staffing and executive search businesses, as well as corporate HR teams around the world.


The tests of ISV.Online help HR Executives assess the various skills of candidates such as the ability to understand and use Word and Excel, numerical and verbal reasoning, accounting etc..





What is META ?
Entrepreneurship is the genesis of business innovation and growth. But all entrepreneurial activity starts at the individual level and some individuals have much more potential for it than others. META identifies entrepreneurial potential in order to help business nurture and retain their entrepreneurial talent.


What is disruptive talent?
People with disruptive talent think and act differently. They innovate, challenge conventional wisdom, spot trends, see commercial opportunities, and tenaciously find ways to achieve success.

Meta’s “Disruptive Talent” is a psychometric test which identifies these people; people with the potential to generate, execute and lead business innovation in an age of disruption.


Why should your business care?
If a business wants to innovate and growth in the modern world economy it must embrace entrepreneurship. The recent explosion of competitive start-ups and the growing rate of new products and services have made innovation the global currency in business.

The war of talent is the war for entrepreneurial talent and companies that have more of it will outperform their competitors and grow. In short: entrepreneurship is the very reason why some business grow and others falter.


META has been completed by over 200,000 people, in 10 languages, in 25 countries.
Is the only validated commercial tool for identifying entrepreneurial talent.

Designed by leading scholars from Goldsmiths, NYU and UCL, in collaboration with Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance lab, META is the rest of a comprehensive 4-year research program funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and approved by the scientific community.

Use Disruptive Talent to…

  • Recruit and select people with the potential to be game-changers in your business.
  • Identify the hidden disruptive talent in your organisation and provide a framework for its development.
  • Build high-performance teams, ensuring the best possible combination of people in order to maximise innovation and growth.

Support provided to laid-off managers and employees of an organization in their effort to find a new employer. These services focus on two main areas: strengthening the potential of the employee as a candidate in the labor market, through professional assessment and consequent training and active search for the next employer. The outplacement services offer significant value to both parties; to the employee as he is supported in a very difficult period of his professional career and to the business as it strengthens its image as a responsible employer internally and externally.

Restructuring, workforce optimization, mergers and other circumstances cause personnel lay-offs that can create issues with employee relations, harm climate, decrease motivation and ultimately affect organizational image. The effect is stronger when the affected people have been with the business for a long time.

The outplacement service prepares these employees for continuing their careers outside the organization. It gives them psychological support, helps them to re-evaluate their skills and personal attributes, offers them better understanding of the market and supports them in evaluating their options and negotiating with prospect employers. Additionally, it helps the organization to address the adverse effects of personnel reductions or executive separations.


How does ICAP offer an outplacement service?

ICAP will make the employee ready for his next career move. It will develop her/his employability and support her/him until s/he finds the new job. It will help her/him map the employment market, place her/himself in it, identify her/his targets and present her/his skills and attributes in the best possible way. Finally it will support her/him during the first steps with the new employer.


Who needs the outplacement service?

  • Organizations under restructuring which includes management redundancies
  • Organizations making executives and/or long serving managers redundant


What is included in the service?

  • Interviews with Line Manager, HR Manager
  • Training session with individual, including:

o Building self confidence,

o Identification of skills and attributes,

o Identification of achievement,

o Developing of resume,

o Career planning,

o Market mapping,

o Developing marketing campaign,

o Training on interview strategies.

  • Hogan Executive Personality Assessment
  • Coaching in contacting prospect employers, giving and evaluating interviews and following up on the contacts.
  • Search planning, contacts providing, interview opportunities
  • Assistance in evaluating offers and negotiating terms of employment
  • Coaching sessions during first steps with the new employer.
  • The support lasts for 6 months and the average meeting frequency will be one week.


Special tools

  • Hogan psychometrics
  • Access to findbiz
  • Access to lists of companies by sector

Identification, description and communication of corporate culture of an organization, as they are expressed through its management style and the behaviors of its employees.

Analysis of values, mission, vision and behaviors and link with the HR systems. Training and dissemination to the body of employees.


Every organization that aims to be a leader has its own identity that sets it apart from any other.

A strong element of organizational identity is corporate culture. Corporate culture derives from the core values. These values are the non-negotiable principles and beliefs that guide the organization, determine the behaviors of the people and give them pride and sense of belonging.

Another element of organizational identity is the corporate mission which expresses “the reason to be” of the organization. It defines what the organization does best and guides the development of its core competences.

Finally, the ultimate target that connects the organization with its future is the company vision. It provides the frame for the development of the long term business goals and sets the challenge which has to be met.


How does ICAP help develop values, mission and vision?

ICAP provides the process for the organization to clarify and express its values and the consequent required behaviors, relate them to the working life and disseminate them to the employees.

Additionally ICAP facilitates the articulation of the mission and the development of the vision, relates them with the values, helps build the communication campaign and provides training to the employees in the concepts and their practical value.


Who needs the development of corporate values – mission and vision?

  • Every organization that aims to lead its field.
  • Every new organization or one resulting from a merger or acquisition in the process of building its identity.
  • Every organization that has a heritage but has not developed from it, a dynamic identity for internal and external use.
  • Every organization that needs a foundation for the development of a long term strategy.


What is included?

  • Development and expression of values and related behaviors and linking with working life
  • Development, expression and implementation of corporate mission
  • Development, expression and implementation of corporate vision
  • Development and implementation of communication and training plans



Steps of the process

  1. Values
  • Assignment of process sponsors.
  • Outlining of existing culture, heritage, behaviors, habits, management attitudes
  • Workshop to draft pool of values and relevant behaviors
  • Meeting – Value selection and definition with top management
  • Creation of communication and training programs
  • Communication and training implementation


  1. Mission and Vision
  • Outlining of existing perceptions and concepts. From people, brand communication, corporate communication etc.
  • Workshop with top management. Creation of short list
  • Final definition of mission and vision
  • Connection with values, development of communication and training programs



  • Focus groups
  • Interviews, brainstorming sessions
  • Questionnaires
  • Opinion survey


Audit of the HR Function of an organization and recommendations for improvement, in line with its strategic objectives and its needs for human capital. The audit includes all areas of HRM and can be extended to evaluation of the organizational structure and assessment of the senior managers. The service is particularly important in cases of Mergers and Acquisitions, when the due diligence process becomes complete with the addition of an HR Audit.

For an organization to maximize the contribution of its human capital, the Human Resources function should be performing at a high level. An HR audit evaluates an organization’s HR strategy, policies, systems, processes and practices, compares it with best practice and provides advice to help the HR function to be aligned with corporate strategy, to resolve issues, to increase service levels, to obtain flexibility and help the business to deliver its objectives.


Who needs an HR Audit:
• Organizations with people issues, e.g. high turnover, weak talent attraction and retention, low motivation, communication problems etc.
• Organizations who feel that their HR function does not reinforce effectively the business objectives
• Organizations who want to benchmark their HR management against their competition.
• Organizations who are preparing for an expansion, a workforce optimization, a merger or an acquisition.


What is included:
It is offered in two levels, basic and extended.


  • HR Strategy and Organization
  • HR Systems and Practices
  • HR Administrative issues
  • Organizational Structure
  • HR team assessment


EXTENDED, the above with the addition of:

  • Organizational Culture
  • Management Assessment

Job Evaluations, Salary Grades, Bonus Schemes for different job families, Executive Pay, Focused Surveys; in general all the services that help an organization to attract and retain high performing employees efficiently.

Avery business needs to achieve the right balance between the minimum cost of the Human Factor and the maximum of attracting and motivating.

Especially when organizations change, achieving this balance in the business often requires special support in order to ensure objectivity and reasoned approach.

We at ICAP will analyze and evaluate your job positions and will rank them using external and internal equity as a measure. We will create your base pay and your incentive system that will suit the mission and goals of the organization, depending on the subject, size and geography.

We use documented methodologies from international organizations and independent pay surveys. The final solution will be customized on your business and will not be “off the shelf.”


Who needs a thorough Reward Management System:

  • Companies without structured pay systems.
  • Companies with structured pay systems who want to increase meritocracy and introduce incentives.
  • Companies who want to increase their competitiveness in attracting, retaining, and motivating people.


What is included in a Total Reward Management System:

  • Pay grading and merit mechanism
  • Incentives, short and long term (e.g. performance bonus, stock options)
  • Benefits, (medical programs, pension plans, memberships etc.)
  • Compensation administration solutions
  • Performance and recognition
  • Career Development


Principles of the system

  • Pay for performance
  • Equity (individual and internal)
  • Competitiveness (in the market)
  • Efficiency
  • Motivation
  • Alignment with strategy
  • Transparency


ICAP Methodology

  • Project team formation. Appointment of senior management sponsor.
  • Strategy development of the total rewards system with input from corporate mission, vision and strategy
  • Basic Pay System design

o Job analysis –  Job Evaluation (internal –external)

o Development of base pay structure, (Grades, range, steps etc)

o Development of pay move mechanism, Alignment with performance management

  • Incentives system

o Development of standard bonus system aligned with business objectives

o Inclusion of other incentives (e.g. Long term) if needed.

  • Sales Force Pay

o Development of incentive schemes specially designed for sales forces, front line and management

  • Benefits

o Development of benefits portfolio based on agreed competitiveness level.

  • Compensation administration solutions

o Development of relevant spreadsheets and/or software tools

o Documentation and manuals of all the processes

  • Communication

o Preparation of a communication package per job family and grade or band.

  • Implementation support and relevant training.


Special Tools Used:

  • Job evaluation questionnaires
  • Salary and benefit surveys, and tailor-made benchmarking
  • Portfolio of pay models
  • Integrated Performance and Reward management systems
  • Portfolio of Incentive Schemes (Bonus, commission, team)


ICAP has evaluated jobs and has developed pay grading systems for Greek and International organizations

Customized Performance Management Systems, for a wide range of organizations. We give emphasis on simplicity and link the system with business strategy and objectives, aiming to support employee development and the relationship between employee and line manager. We provide practical training for supervisors and support the management during the implementation phase.

Effective Performance Management helps a company to align the efforts of its personnel with its strategic objectives, to evaluate its people, to plan for their development, and to facilitate career and succession planning. It also provides the basis for an effective and fair reward system. Finally it promotes meritocracy and performance enhancing culture and boosts the company’s image in the market.


Who needs a thorough Performance Management System:

  • Companies without performance management systems
  • Companies with stand-alone appraisal systems which do not add value to the organization and its employees.
  • Companies that need to improve working climate and employee motivation
  • Companies that want to develop the capabilities of their employees and want to put the right people in the right positions.


What is included:

  • Link of strategic objectives to individual or position specific targets.
  • Employee appraisal system that will include:

o Objectives and Key Performance Indicators

o Core competencies

o Appraisal – employee development process

o Rating scale

o Development needs and plans

o Career path

  • All relevant forms and manuals
  • Implementation plan
  • Link with reward
  • Communication package
  • Training to managers and employees


Principles of the system:

  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Development



  • Formation of project team – appointment of senior management sponsor
  • Understanding of corporate key values and strategic objectives
  • Determination of corporate core competencies and criteria of employee evaluation.
  • Link with reward.
  • Development of the appraisal and development process
  • Development of all the necessary forms and manuals
  • Development of communication and training package
  • Implementation support
  • Training sessions to stakeholders. (optional)


Special Tools:

  • SMART objective setting system.
  • Balance Business Scorecard
  • Competency library
  • 360 feedback method


ICAP has developed and implemented performance management systems for its clients in Greece and Romania.

An Assessment and/or Development Center (AC/DC) is an advanced assessment procedure for selection, promotion and/or development purposes. It uses a combination of assessment methods and tools producing an increased amount of evaluating data, for specific competencies/ criteria; thus its ability to predict future performance is increased.

Processes used to assess skills and competency level of participants for specific set of criteria or specific roles.


The assessment tools which are used during Assessment/ Development Centers, include psychometric tools (such as personality and motivational questionnaires, ability tests), competency based interviews and case studies. The latter are usually exercises based on specific data, requiring analysis, synthesis and presentation of the results. Alternatively, and according to the needs of the role, other exercises can be used such as a group exercise, or a role play (e.g. discussion between supervisor and subordinate or between client and employee).


ICAP’s competitive advantage is the development of customized case studies and other exercises, directly related to the role which is assessed. In this way the participants are evaluated based on simulation of their future role.


When an Assessment/ Development Centre is completed, the results are analyzed by experienced consultants and individual reports are written. For internal candidates or for a Development Centre, a feedback session often follows and a development plan is created.


Assessment/ Development Centers can take place at individual or group context and they last between 4 and 8 hours.

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