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Risk Training Institute

The ICAP Risk Training Institute is a new ICAP Business Unit dedicated to the ongoing training of Risk Managers. For the first time in Greece, a specialised training organisation is there to actively support the work of risk managers, not only in the financial sector, but in all industries of the Greek economy.

Contact us

Tel.: +30 210 8939003
e-mail: akarathanasi@icap.gr
URL: www.icaprti.gr
Training Courses

The ICAP Risk Training Institute and the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Piraeus have joined forces to create a series of integrated professional Mastering programmes for Risk Management Executives:


Purpose of the training courses

The purpose of the courses is to train Risk Managers through high-level professional training, to help them broaden their horizons in practice and benefit from international best practices.


The partnership with the University of Piraeus, the recognised lecturers and the contemporary thematic areas addressed, make our Mastering courses a leading choice in Greece.


The framing of our training programs by a Scientific Associate and professors of the University of London, adds international recognition and credibility to the already high level of practical knowledge in Risk Management

The effectiveness of risk management is partly judged by the implementation of new methods and tools, which, however, require training and familiarisation. The thematic areas of the ICAP RTI seminars are constantly updated to include all up-to-date knowledge and international practices that will help risk managers in their day-to-day tasks. Their duration is usually 20 hours and are conducted over 3 to 5 days


All available seminars are listed in detail here.

One-day training events (6 – 8 hours) primarily address risk issues at industry level. Specialist associates, experienced in risk management in the industry reviewed each time, but also visiting lecturers from abroad, will enhance the participants’ knowledge by combining training material with the most successful practices in the market.


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